Our Black East Indian Ducks

 We bought a young pair of Black East Indian ducks in August 2003. Unfortunately they were stolen - most likely by a fox, before they were shut up for the night. There were no tell tale feathers about though so perhaps they are still swimming about somewhere (on someone else's pond).

These lively little ducks have been popular since their introduction to this country in the mid 1800s. The origin is not agreed, having been suggested as South America, North America and India. Being the size of small Mallards they are quite capable of flying if they have not been pinioned or had their primary wing feathers clipped. Ours were already pinioned when we got them.

They are the same iridescent green/black that can be seen in the Cayugas. They are purely ornamental as they are too small for eating (not that we eat any of our pets) and they don't produce many eggs - only a couple of clutches a year.

They are however only about a quarter the weight of their larger cousins. This means they are still capable of flight, but our pair came pinioned to stop them flying off. 

As we are now outside the breeding season all the ducks run around together. Can you spot the two East Indians on the right of the picture. They all seem to speak the same language and waddle around together. (My ornamental ducks stay in their separate pairs except at feeding time!)

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